Farm Machinery Testing Centre, New Delhi

Govt of India

Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare

(Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare)


  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research is one of the good Farmer Research

  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research to testing of Farmer machine

  • We have Best Engineer which one a testing fully focus and work very well


Welcome To Farm Machinery Testing Centre

The demand of food grains for ever increasing population necessitates, inter alia, increasing the productivity and cropping intensity. Farm Mechanization, on the strength of timely and precise field operations, assumes the central stage in this expedition. In this herculean task of increasing the Farm Mechanization, Farm Machinery Testing Centre, New Delhi has been playing a significant role since its inception. The hands-on testing being offered by this testing centre aims at promoting the judicious use of various Agricultural inputs, the testing of machinery as per Indian/International Test Codes, on the other hand, contributes substantially in identifying trust-worthy Machinery.

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