Farm Machinery Testing Centre, New Delhi

Govt of India

Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare

(Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare)

ICAR-IARI, Division of Agricultural Engineering, NEW Delhi

Division of Agricultural Engineering

The Division of Agricultural Engineering was established in 1945 to develop and introduce appropriate machinery, implements and soil water conservation systems in Indian agriculture. Subsequently, postgraduate teaching and research on these aspects were added to the mandate of the Division. With the establishment of Water Technology Center in 1972, the soil and water conservation research component was transferred to the Water Technology Center, although teaching in this sub-discipline continued to form an integral part of the P.G. teaching of the Agricultural Engineering Division. The Division has the mandate for conducting strategic research on design and development of technologies/equipment in the area of Farm Machinery & Power, Agricultural Processing and Structures, Protected Cultivation, Soil and Water Engineering and Renewable Energy Sources with extension of technologies to farmers and entrepreneurs. The Division also provides Post Graduate teaching.